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automation arm idleon is a popular idle MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that offers a unique gaming experience where players can progress even while offline. One of the game’s standout features is the Automation Arm, a powerful tool that automates various tasks and helps players streamline their gameplay. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the Automation Arm in Idleon, exploring its functions, how to unlock and upgrade it, and strategies for optimizing its usage.

Understanding the automation arm idleon

What is the automation arm idleon?

The automation arm idleon is a versatile tool in Idleon that automates repetitive tasks, allowing players to progress more efficiently. With the Automation Arm, players can automate actions such as gathering resources, crafting items, and even battling monsters. This frees up time for players to focus on other aspects of the game or to progress while offline.

Key Features

Some key features of the Automation Arm include:

  • Resource Gathering: The Automation Arm can automatically gather resources from nodes in the game world, such as trees, rocks, and ore deposits.
  • Crafting: Players can set up the Automation Arm to craft items automatically, saving time and resources.
  • Combat Automation: In certain areas, players can use the Automation Arm to battle monsters automatically, allowing them to farm experience points and loot without direct input.

Unlocking and Upgrading the Automation Arm

Unlocking the Automation Arm

The Automation Arm is unlocked as part of the game’s progression. Players will encounter the Automation Arm questline early in the game, which guides them through the process of obtaining and activating the Automation Arm.

Upgrading the Automation Arm

As players progress in the game, they can upgrade the Automation Arm to improve its efficiency and unlock new features. Upgrades may include:

  • Increased Gathering Speed: Upgrading the Automation Arm can make it gather resources faster, allowing players to accumulate materials more quickly.
  • Expanded Inventory: Upgrades may increase the Automation Arm’s inventory capacity, allowing it to hold more resources before needing to return to base.
  • Enhanced Combat Abilities: In combat automation areas, upgrades may improve the Automation Arm’s combat prowess, enabling it to defeat stronger enemies.

Utilizing the Automation Arm Effectively

Resource Gathering

The Automation Arm excels at gathering resources efficiently. Here are some tips for optimizing resource gathering:

  1. Location Selection: Choose areas with abundant resource nodes for the Automation Arm to gather from. This maximizes resource yield and minimizes downtime.
  2. Prioritize Resources: Set the Automation Arm to prioritize gathering high-demand resources needed for crafting or upgrading gear.
  3. Regular Check-ins: Periodically check on the Automation Arm to ensure it hasn’t encountered any issues or reached its inventory limit.

Crafting Automation

Automating crafting tasks can streamline the crafting process. Here’s how to make the most of crafting automation:

  1. Queue Up Crafting Recipes: Queue up multiple crafting recipes for the Automation Arm to complete in sequence. This ensures a steady supply of crafted items without manual intervention.
  2. Manage Resources: Ensure the Automation Arm has access to the necessary resources for crafting. Stockpile essential materials to avoid interruptions in the crafting process.
  3. Optimize Crafting Times: Time crafting tasks strategically to coincide with other activities or periods of player inactivity.

Combat Automation

Automating combat with the automation arm idleon can be a powerful way to farm experience points and loot. Follow these tips for effective combat automation:

  1. Choose the Right Areas: Select areas with enemies appropriate for the Automation Arm’s combat capabilities. Starting with weaker enemies and gradually progressing to stronger ones can optimize efficiency.
  2. Equip Gear and Skills: Equip the Automation Arm with appropriate gear and skills for combat. This may include weapons, armor, and combat-oriented abilities to enhance its effectiveness.
  3. Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the Automation Arm’s combat performance and adjust strategies as needed. If the Automation Arm struggles against certain enemies, consider upgrading its combat abilities or choosing a different farming location.

Advanced automation arm idleon Strategies


Maximize the efficiency of the Automation Arm by setting it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, while the Automation Arm gathers resources, have it simultaneously craft items or engage in combat.

Time Management

Utilize the Automation Arm during periods of player inactivity, such as overnight or during work/school hours. This ensures continuous progress in the game even when the player is not actively playing.

Strategic Upgrades

Invest in upgrades that align with your gameplay priorities. If resource gathering is your primary focus, prioritize upgrades that improve gathering speed and efficiency. For combat-oriented players, focus on upgrades that enhance combat abilities and survivability.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Overextending Resources

Avoid setting the Automation Arm to gather resources from areas with limited reserves. Doing so may deplete resources faster than they can regenerate, leading to resource shortages and inefficiency.

Neglecting Upkeep

Regularly check on the Automation Arm to ensure it is functioning properly and has the necessary resources to continue its tasks. Neglecting upkeep may result in downtime and missed opportunities for progression.

Ignoring Combat Weaknesses

Be mindful of the Automation Arm’s combat capabilities and limitations. Avoid sending it into areas with enemies that are too powerful, as this may result in defeat and lost progress.

The Automation Arm is a powerful tool in Idleon that offers players the ability to automate various tasks and streamline their gameplay experience. By understanding its functions, unlocking and upgrading it strategically, and utilizing it effectively, players can optimize their progression and achieve greater success in the game. Whether gathering resources, crafting items, or engaging in combat, the Automation Arm empowers players to progress efficiently and enjoy the rich world of Idleon to its fullest. Master the art of automation and embark on an epic adventure in Idleon today!

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